The throat is not obvious

Experts' investigation of the personal life history of men with inconspicuous larynx nodes found that some of these men have been engaged in physical training with high physical activity since adolescence, while others have a history of frequent masturbation at the beginning of development. This situation accounts for a large proportion of the surveyed people. Some scholars believe that this may lead to a large consumption of androgens during puberty and cause the thyroid cartilage to fail to protrude sufficiently, so that the throat node is not so obvious when viewed from the outside. Although the anterior process is insufficient, the anteroposterior diameter of the larynx is larger than that of prepubertal, so the voice is also male. However, there are also people who have a thicker neck, obesity, or thyroid cartilage, which is not a typical forward protrusion but expands around the same amount, so it may not be as obvious.

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