Rectal bulge

Rectal eleocele (rectocele) is a special type of obstructive outlet constipation. It is because the anterior rectal wall, rectal vaginal space, and posterior vaginal wall are weak and protrude forward into the vaginal vault, which changes the direction of intraabdominal pressure during defecation, leading to functional obstruction of the rectal and anal canal during defecation, which causes difficulty in defecation And constipation. Outlet obstructive constipation, also known as functional outlet obstructive obstruction, refers to those functional obstructions of the rectal and anal canal that are only manifested during defecation, and cause defecation difficulties and constipation. It is a common clinical form The disease is mainly manifested in patients with obvious bowel movements but difficulty in excretion of feces from the anorectal rectum, and sometimes manual defecation is required. Patients are often accompanied by relaxation and structural abnormalities of the entire pelvic floor structure and internal organs.

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