Congenital atresia and intestinal stricture

Jejunum and ileum atresia are important causes of neonatal intestinal obstruction. Traditional concepts treat jejunum and ileum atresia as the same disease. Heij (1990) proposed that jejunal atresia and ileal atresia are two independent diseases. He has conducted a comparative analysis of a group of jejunal atresia and ileal atresia cases and found that there is a significant difference between the two. Those with jejunum atresia have low birth weight or premature babies, and more than half are multiple atresia or Apple-Peel atresia. Jejunum atresia has a more obvious genetic tendency. There are more twins or the same family members in the same patient, and the rate of coexisting other deformities is higher than ileum atresia. The length of hospital stay after jejunal atresia was long and the mortality was high. Therefore, the relationship between the two needs to be further proved.

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